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    1.Advanced IR & high-efficiency class D chips designed.
    2.Two-layer wave-fiber PCB and SMD design.
    3.Is equipped with overvoltage protection/
       undervoltage protection/overload protection/

       overheat protection.
    4.compacted dimension designed for easier installation.




    Model: 4B06
    Rated Power 14.4 Volts @ 4Ω: 4x50W
    Rated Power 14.4 Volts @ 2Ω: 4x80W
    Rated Power 14.4 Volts @ 4Ω Bridgeable: 2x180W
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    THD @ 4ohm: ≤0.2%
    Signal to Noise Ratio(+A): ≥85dBA
    Input Sensitivity: 0.2V-6V
    Working voltage: DC10-16V
    Dimensions: 138x96x38mm
    Weight: 0.62Kg

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